Things making me happy this week | 62

BIRTHDAY BEACH WEEK(END) IS OFFICIALLY UNDERWAY! By the time this posts, we’ll have been on the road for about 2 hours already…if all goes according to plan!

Also, I guess, kind of, my birthday. It’s today. I’m 30. Blah. Not stoked about that, but ain’t nuthins I can do about it either so…yay for the beach.

Madden’s cheesey poses for the camera, even with gum all over himself. Laughing so hard still.

Coldstone Creamery! We took the kids there Saturday night just before bed. It rained ALL FUCKING DAY and everyone had cabin fever, so around 6-ish we took the kids for a walk around the neighborhood (in the drizzle), and then piled in the car for “a surprise.” We needed to get out of the house, even if that meant hanging out in the rain. (The ice cream place only had three tiny table inside and they were all full – it was hella packed for some reason? – so we took our treats to the trunk:)


Buying some Renaissance Strength stuff. Been on the fence about this for the better part of 2016 and finally splurged/invested. Will be documenting my experience with it all over here.

Dodging a huge financial bullet with my reenlistment into the Army Reserve.

RJ surprising the kids Sunday morning with breakfast vibes. He worked late Saturday night, but after he got off he came over and crashed on the couch so he could be there when the kids woke up (we’d planned it out earlier in the evening). We had cinnamon rolls. They were yum.


I’ve got a couple posts lined up for the rest of the week – and may decide to throw an “Overheard” post up over the weekend – but I won’t be back in town until next week, so just FYI that there may be a little radio silence until next Tuesday or even maybe Wednesday.

Happy Beginning of Summer to all the Northern Hemispherians. And Happy Memorial Day to all the Armed Forces service members and families out there!

Big “life” news

Well. Here I am, a day before my 30th birthday and…officially reenlisted into the Army Reserve for another three years. Wait, what? I know, I know. Back in March (April?) I got ETS orders, which would’ve seen me quietly transition out of the service next Friday, June 3rd. I was stoked. Freedom at last! But…

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Help us plan our 3rd anniversary! (?)

Our three-year anniversary is a little less than two months away and so far we have NOTHING planned for it. For our first anniversary we booked a room in Arlington, Virginia, which is so close to D.C. you can literally walk across the bridge and into the city – and we did (we also ran…

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It’s no secret I love working out and memory keeping, and it’s no secret that I love combining the two, and after hosting my “Getting Fit” challenge on Studio Calico for National Scrapbooking Day 2016, I’m pretty sure it’s not a secret that I want all of you guys to join along. So. I’ve “created” a…

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Project Life® 2016: Week 18

Week 18 – the week before I did my Week In The Life…which means I’m almost caught-up with posting my layouts this year. Boom. This week’s layout definitely isn’t a favorite of mine. It doesn’t really have any of the fun extras I like to add – like flip-up cards or pull-out cards – but…

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