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November 25
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MY HALF-BIRTHDAY TODAY! I mean, it’s not technically a joyous occasion because it also marks the beginning of my last six months of 20s (WAHHHHHH), but it’s a half-birthday nonetheless so whatever. I’ll pretend it’s making me happier than it is.

Randomly being given today off of work, at no cost to my leave balance. Five-day weekend, bitches.

Bri and her team coming in 2nd at their first-ever big statewide soccer tournament! They were the only team there without extensive prior big tournament experience and they kicked ass.

Shannon being able to spend four entire days (AND NIGHTS!) at home, and, more importantly, getting to spend the holiday with her. In the three holiday seasons we’ve been together, we’ve never been able to spend a single second together because she’s always been held hostage by her parents. Not this year though. This year we get to be a real, grown-up couple that does real, grown-up things together, like spend the holidays with each other. #THEBEST

Passing 500 followers on my fitstagram account. I originally started the account in early 2015 to track my “visual” fitness progress (photos and videos of technique and PRs, mostly) but was reaaaally bad at keeping it going. I recommitted to it a month ago and’ve taken it from 74 followers in late October to over 500 in a matter of weeks. I’ll be sharing some IG-related tips here on Monday.

Re-subscribing to Studio Calico’s monthly “documenter” (previously: “Project Life”) kits. I unsubscribed nearly two years ago after being severely disappointed with the inconsistent vibe of the (usually) gross designs each month, but it seems like they’ve gotten their shit together and are curating consistently on point kits.

Switching shit up and trying my hand at 6×8. I’m currently going through everything I have so far from November and working on more of a “currently” or “around here” template for filling in the album’s pages than a regimented chronological approach. I’m still getting used to the busier look of smaller layouts with more designed cards and embellishments, but I’m also having lots of fun doing something new!

Our new bed pillows. THEY’RE SO POOFY.

Figuring out a new storage plan for my PL supplies that will theoretically allow me to keep my current projects out in the open without taking over the entire kitchen and forcing everyone to eat on the floor (← 1,000% true story, I make everyone eat on the floor lately because my projects’ve taken over all horizontal surface space above waist-height). Now we just need to EXECUTE…the plan.

Taking photos of a bunch of stuff I wanna blog. Still need to find the time to edit ’em and write the corresponding posts tho. 😞

Madden calling Donald Trump “Donald the Trumpet” or “Donald the Duck the Trumpet.”

Emma wearing her Halloween costume to bed every. single. night. for 20 consecutive nights before switching it up.

Milk. You guys really have no idea about how much I love milk. But I love it a lot. And needing to bulk up for my current cycle of programming means 3,000 calories a day, and since I hate eating, I sub some of those food calories with milk calories, and I end up drinking almost a gallon of milk a day.

Friday night (brake) lights: An update on my car break-in & stolen credit card

November 24

Remember on Veterans Day when my car was broken into and my debit card, a credit card and a few unused Visa gift cards were stolen out of it? Yeah, well, here’s the haps on all that.

The short version goes like this: Since filing the police report and snapping an iPhone pic of the Target surveillance footage (above)…

10 steps to follow when you’re being stonewalled by ‘The Man’

November 23
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Being stonewalled by anyone sucks, but it especially sucks when it’s ‘The Man’ – a professional organization or government entity – ignoring you. If you’re caught in the unfortunate situation of being ignored by such an institution, fret not my friend. I’ve experienced my fair share of stonewalling from all sorts of organizations – from my “new” brakes giving out on me on the way home from the repairs shop, with my 6-week old baby (Briseis) in the backseat, to being majorly fucked over by an airline when I was traveling as a minor – and as a member of the military (I first enlisted when I was 17), to fighting to get Emma into a decent school in our district, to our most recent school-related issue with incompetent “professionals” – and have plenty of tips to share about how to get your voice heard and be taken seriously when no one is paying attention. So without further adieu, here. we. go.

Basically: “I wish I was dead.”

November 20

**This post is kind of long. Read through just the top and the very bottom if you’re short on time. And as always, any insight from parents who’ve been in this situation with their young children is greatly appreciated.**

So. Emma’s thoughts on kindergarten. They progressed quite quickly from what’s been a sustained-since-the-start-of-the-year “it’s boring” to an emotional, sobbing meltdown this week that ended with her basically saying she wants to die so she doesn’t have to go to school.

😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳 ← times infinity.

Yeah. So. There’s that.