Girls Only Road Trip Days 5 & 6 | Myrtle Beach, SC

Ah, the beach. Everyone’s favorite part of our trip. And, ha!, the destination of “Mom’s (that’s me) 30th Birthday Extraveganza Trip” that we’re taking in a few weeks. YAY, BEACH!

But first, back to last month’s beach trip, which took up the last two days of our Girls Only Road Trip. Catch up on days 1 & 2, and days 3 & 4.

We arrived in Myrtle at Nana and Papa’s house late Thursday night, somewhere close to 10:00 pm I think. The boys were out in the garage tinkering around on their racing bikes. The whole house smelled like race fuel. Oh, it was good to be back home. Well, one of my homes at least. Thursday night was spent introducing Shannon to everyone and catching up. Emma went to bed basically right away, so we had a bit of good ol’ grown up time. Nana Karla didn’t have to work the next day (or the day after that!), so we had a whole lot of fun to get done in a short amount of time!

Day 5

Friday morning we headed to the cutest little park. It’s right next to the library and just a few blocks from the beach, and we (RJ and I) used to take the kids there all the time (every visit). It was fun being back there with Shannon, and seeing Emma in an environment that was new to her but wasn’t really.


After the park, the beach. It’s still off-season and it was actually pretty cold so there weren’t many other people out. Actually, we were legit the only ones in the parking lot. LOLZ! But whatever. To the shore we went!


Emma’s been to the beach a number of times before, but none that she remembers. She had SO FREAKING MUCH fun splashing in the ocean. Seriously can’t wait to see her back out here in a few weeks when it’s warmer.


True story: There was this lady on the beach with her dog having professional photos taken. They were real serious about it. Chick was dressed to the nines in her fancy clothes. I think we kept getting in their way, chasing after a spastic/excited Emma, who kept running around everywhere (squirrel!). I think we definitely unintentionally photobombed more than a few photos because we for sure got some glares. But like, whatever? You don’t have a monopoly on the beach. Get over it.


After playing in the sand and the water, we checked out some of the cool buildings nearby. The River City Cafe wall was rad. Emma signed her name to it, and also signed an “Emma ♥ Madden” because, as she said, she didn’t want Madden to be sad he couldn’t be with us.


Also, the fun “shark building.”


I realized while taking photos of this building that I didn’t have any photos of Shannon and me from this trip so, you know, selfie!


After the beach we went back home. Emma headed out to the garden with Nana Karla, and then we spent some time on the bikes. Emma got such a kick out of them!


Shannon and I headed to CrossFit Vengeance for a workout while Nana Karla took Emma to buy some art supplies. She ended up coming back with a Baby Alive doll, hahahahaha! Shannon and I ended up with so many awful attempts at TimerCam App photos. OH WELL.


Back home to shower and get ready, then we headed to Broadway at the Beach.


If you’ve ever been to Myrtle you know about BatB. If you’ve never been, well, go. I guess. It’s not really our thing (we’re not into shopping or drinking), but we knew Emma would LOVE the carnival rides there. She did when she was a baby and she still does.

How cute are her and Nana Karla co-walking Emma’s Baby Alive doll through Broadway?! (Her doll’s name is Dora. IDK.) And how cute are Emma and that duckling?!


After rides we fed the fish, and found somewhere to eat. We didn’t eat at either of these places, but the colors were fun so…photos!

IMG_1279 IMG_1280
By the time we got done eating it was dark and wayyyy past Emma’s bedtime. But part of being on vacation means breaking rules, so instead of going home and going to bed we went to Nana Karla’s brother’s condo, which is right on the beach, and went hot tubbing. SO FUN! Emma got such a kick out of it. And don’t worry. It wasn’t crazy hot so it was totally safe for her.

Also, I know you can’t tell from Emma’s outfit in these photos that they were taken on two separate days, but they were. She was a tad bit obsessed with this particular outfit and basically wore it the entire trip, even in Charlotte.

Day 6

All in all, a great trip. We headed out mid-morning on Saturday and spent the whole-ish day driving. We beat RJ and Madden home by less than an hour, and the next day we celebrated Madden’s 4th birthday! Such a whirlwind week, but a fun one. 10,000% can’t wait to spend a solid, uninterrupted few days down at the beach for my 30th in a few weeks.

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