I finally got caught up a few weeks ago, and that habit is sticking.

…for now.


WEEK OF | March 31 – April 6


WHAT HAPPENED THIS WEEK | The Open officially ended, with all scores requiring finalization Monday evening. A close friend received some shitty news. We had some more suuuuuper nice weather (lots of time outside this week), I picked up seeds and starter plants for our garden, and my swolemate (aka my gym BFF), Jeff, and I started a new squat program. 


ANYTHING SPECIAL THIS WEEK | Briseis missed her first soccer game of the spring season for a teammate’s/classmate’s birthday party at the roller skating rink. 


After getting off to a not-horrible-but-not-amazing start, Shannon finished the Open in a really good spot. She’s top 1% of all female athletes in the region, and the world. She may not’ve done as well as she’d been hoping to do, BUT I am incredibly proud of her (and maybe just a liiiiittle bit jealous of her strength and skill), and I can’t wait to watch her compete on the CFW Regionals team on my birthday weekend!


Also, I spent most of Sunday cleaning up around the house and making a little more room for Shannon. She spends almost every free moment she has over here, but she doesn’t officially live here yet. So in honor of her approaching move-in date, I finally cleaned out and off the nightstand on the other side of the bed and stocked the top drawer with a few necessities (the first one being that bag of peanut butter M&Ms — her fave — you see sitting on top there).


TECHNIQUES USED THIS WEEK | I used a multi-colored ink pad to stamp some (crooked) ombre hearts onto the title card, green ink to stamp the leaves onto the white 3×4 next to the photo of my starter veggies, an upside down heart sticker affixed to the outside of the pocket holding the verbiage about my new squat program (because get it, it’s like a nicely shaped butt that all those squats are gonna give me?!), and I used my stylus + the Bamboo for iPad app to create that 6×4 “love” card, with a few patterned thickers affixed to the outside of the pocket (link to free download below).

OVERALL THOUGHTS | I wasn’t a huge fan of this week’s layout as I was putting it together in PSE, but I’m actually really happy with how it turned out. I’m really happy that I’ve finally figured out how to keep my style cohesive from week to week without making my album boring.


SUPPLIES USED | PL Photo Pocket Pages Design APaislee Press 2014 Calendar Cards (Mon – Sun)Paislee Press Week In Review CardsPaislee Press Pictures & Words No. 9Big City Quiet B&W Striped card (re-colored), Caylee Grey handwritten weekly title card, AC Digitals PL Digital Filler Cards Jade Edition, and embellishments from Studio Calico Project Life Kits.

+  +  +

FREE DOWNLOAD | I thought I’d share my handwritten “love” card with y’all, incase anyone else wanted to use it. I’ve included a .jpeg, and .png, and a .psd file of it in a zip folder [download here]. If you’re handy in PS or PSE, you can easily change the color, change the weight/thickness, or overlay the text on a photo. Enjoy! 


:: 2013
:: 2014 


currently april

+  +  +

REMINDING | these two that food and drinks are not meant for playing.

READING | The Secret Garden with Briseis.

WRITING | waaaaayyyyy too many essays and papers and literature reviews. My brain is probably bleeding. 

WATCHING | the series premiere of Fargo.

EATING | a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked every other night (or maybe for breakfast, too).

WAITING | (impatiently) for the seedlings I planted on last Friday to sprout.

ENJOYING | the ridiculously nice weather we’ve been having (minus the last few days).

SLEEPING | with the windows open.

OBSESSING | and I mean obsessing, over all things watercolor. 

WANTING | a new couch. Bad. Like, real bad.

IMPROVISING | WODs as best I can in a non-CrossFit gym.

HAPPY | about a recent (and controversial-ish) decision I made.

LOVING |the newest additions to our walls.

COUNTING | down the days to Regionals.

SEARCHING | for a babysitter for that weekend. Frantically.

BEAMING | with pride over Shannon’s performance in the Open. Yes, still.

MAKING | more and more room for Shannon as her move-in date nears (!!!).

DREAMING | about living at the beach. One day.

CROSSING | my fingers for some good news next week.

ADDING | child proof door handle thingies to my next shopping list. Madden has officially learned how to open doors, which makes bedtime impossible and find-my-son-wandering-the-house-and-crying-in-the-middle-of-the-night situations all too common.

CELEBRATING | a friend’s recent fantastic news two weeks after being diagnosed with breast cancer.

VENTURING | into the city today with Briseis for a long overdue field trip.


That’s all I’ve got this time around. Until next time…

Happy weekending!


April 18, 2014 currently

Last spring I planted my first backyard garden as a grown up. RJ helped me make a compost bin out of a garbage can, and a raised garden bed from scratch. I planted it full of seeds and starter plants, and in less than a month it took off. And then we went on vacation for a week, which happened to be the hottest of the entire year, and totally spaced on the fact that the garden still needed to be watered while we were away. When we came home, my prized backyard garden was dead. I pouted over it for days, totally distraught that I’d failed in my endeavor.

We had been enjoying handfuls upon handfuls of fresh green beans and spinach for a solid two months before I unintentionally killed our garden. Unfortunately, we never did get to eat any of the watermelon, cucumber, zucchini, or broccoli we’d planted because none of that stuff had matured before we left for our vacay. Womp womp. 

And when I say I was totally distraught over my dead garden, I mean I. Was. Distraught. I totally neglected it, never cleaning it out and throwing compost-y items on top of it instead of walking them to the compost bin. I just let everything just kind of sit there and hang out or rot or whatever, until March-ish when I finally got my ass outside to clean it up and prep it for this season. I pulled out all the dead shit, redistributed the soil, and was pretty happy to find that the mesh stuff we’d laid down before filling our bed up with soil last summer works really, really well. So well that not a single weed found its way through. That stuff seriously rocks. 

Anyway, I’ve been looking forward to trying my hand at gardening again this season for months. Literally, for months. As in, I’ve had packages of seeds sitting on my kitchen counter since like, February, and a few starter plants sitting out back for a couple weeks. So when we had incredibly stellar weather last week/weekend, and a forecast for consistent nice/above freezing weather, I jumped at the chance to plant. I added a couple bags of fresh garden soil, then mapped out where to put everything. 


This is still very much a learn-as-I-go experiment. I didn’t learn much last year except that I’m good at forgetting the basics (things like, gardens need to be watered on the daily), and logistics-y things like vine-y plants overtake everything.


Last year I was really unprepared and kind of just planted shit without an organized plan. I planted too many vine-y veggies that ended up overwhelming everything else, and not enough of the two veggies we eat the most: green beans and spinach. So this year I planted less of the vine-y stuff (I still planted watermelon, cucumber, and zucchini, but I only used a few of the seeds instead of the entire package) and more of the other stuff.


We’ll have four rows of green beans this year instead of two, and five spinach plants instead of three. We also threw in a tomato plant for Shannon, and a few strawberry bushes. The strawberries didn’t really produce last year, which was a big bummer, so I’m interested to see how they do this time around.


I went with a mix of starter plants and seeds again this year. I chose starter plants for two reasons: 1) I’m impatient, and 2) if this endeavor ends in failure again, at least I got something out of it by planting a few things that were ready or damn near ready to be harvested.  We’ve already been able to chow down on a few handfuls of spinach, which means this little garden of ours is already a success this year. 


It’ll still be a few weeks before our seeds start sprouting, but in the meantime we’re totally fine with chowing down on spinach. Especially Emma. She eats that stuff by the handful. She won’t eat mac & cheese (weirdo), but she’ll devour an entire colander of fresh spinach (weirdo). Not that I’m complaining or anything, though…


April 16, 2014 get planty