True or false: A braid a day keeps broken hair away…?

Sorry to say this but I’ve just gotta get it out there: Emma’s got trailer park hair. That’s not me being mean. It’s just me being honest. Seriously, her hair is pretty ratchet, and I think it’s my fault. I don’t give a shit about my own hair and so I basically dropped the ball on her hair before she even had a shot. With me as a mom, she was doomed with all things hair and nails and makeup from the beginning. Oops?

A couple weeks ago RJ took Emma along when he took Madden to get his hair, and Emma ended up getting hers trimmed a bit too – only her second-ever cut/trim, actually. And she’s five. See how I failed her? Anyway, she got her hair did and the chick cutting her hair told RJ that her hair is pretty fucked up (duh). It’s breaking off all over the place, which anyone can see when they look at her and her head full of what look like fly-aways but are actually broken hairs, and that’s apparently extra bad because now that she’s five she’s getting her “adult” hair…??? What even is that? Whatever it is, the haircutter lady told RJ to braid Emma’s hair in a single braid before bed because braiding it strengthens it and will eventually make it stop breaking, which will make her hair look normal and not trailer park-ish…???

could just Google it or search it on Pinterest, but I’d rather source some feedback from people I “know.” So. TELL ME: First of all, is there actually such a thing as “adult” hair? It sounds like BS to me but what do I know? And also, does sleeping with your hair in a single braid really strengthen it?

I’ve been braiding Emma’s hair *most* nights before bed the last two weeks and I think I notice a subtle difference, but that sudden difference only applies when I take her hair out of the braid a day later and it’s all soft and silky smooth. Because any other time, it’s a tangled, fly-away hot mess. But IDK? Should we stay with the braid or no?

Full disclosure: I cannot braid “fancy.” Emma got that French braid from our neighbor over Thanksgiving in Williamsburg. She kept it in for four days. Her hair was still a disaster after she finally took it out. I’m not sold on this “a braid a day keeps the broken hair away” theory.

Everyday I’m snugglin’

Because plays on words (lyrics) are the best ever.

For this layout I used a scrap of star paper I bought at Michaels (or maybe Joann’s?) FORVER ago, a photo of Madden snuggling me on the couch right after waking up from nap, Ali Edwards’ thick days of the week digital stamps, lyrics printed on white card stock and two rubber stars from a past Studio Calico documenter kit.

"Everyday I'm snugglin'" layout using Ali Edwards' "days of the week" brushes by Kelsey McEvoy //

To get the “perfectly” round circle I created a blank canvas in Photoshop Elements, made a circle on a new layer, then clipped the photo of Madden and me into the circle. I printed it out and trimmed around it. I feel like this is an incredibly simple process but maybe that’s just because it’s something I do all the time. If you’ve signed up for the resource library you received a link to a video tutorial of this process in your inbox on Monday. If you haven’t signed up, go sign up!

To get the repeated pattern for the days of the week text I created an 8.5×11 canvas in Photoshop Elements, then situated one full row of text, grouped all those layers together, duplicated the layer a bunch of times and spaced them out, angling some of them along the way. Again, I feel like this is super simple but maybe not? Would you find a tutorial on this process helpful?

"Everyday I'm snugglin'" layout using Ali Edwards' "days of the week" brushes by Kelsey McEvoy //

I printed out the play-on-lyric onto white Michaels brand card stock (which is really something between regular paper and actual card stock), trimmed them down and arranged them with the rubber stars. Boom.

"Everyday I'm snugglin'" layout using Ali Edwards' "days of the week" brushes by Kelsey McEvoy //

Things making me happy this week | 46

Making hella progress on my goals/OLW in January.


Taking the kids to the Museum of Natural History last weekend. Emma was kind of a bummer the whole time (see photo above), but Bri and Madden loved it! Tip: Go early on a Sunday. Street parking right out front is free (and readily available), and you have at least an hour before the museum starts filling up.

Cheetos. I’ve been craving them for like, a fucking year. So I bought some the other day and’ve been in heaven ever since.

The weather. It’s been soooo nice. Nice enough that we had to close the windows and turn on the AC. SO CAN’T WAIT FOR SUMMER.

Reassuring words from The Boss when I start second-guessing/doubting myself.

Scheduling a chiro appointment for Saturday morning. I’ve been out of the gym for a week now with back issues and if I don’t gym, I turn into PMS Kelsey, which is not a Kelsey anyone wants to be around. Hopefully the chiro fixes my shit up quick so I can get back to the gym because, obvs, #liftingislife.

Andes mints. One each night before bed.

Batch cooking. Such a timesaver.

Baskets. Best. New. Show. PERIOD.

What’s making YOU happy this week?

One Little Word® 2016: My February practice

If you’re taking Ali Edwards’ 2016 One Little Word® class then you probably know February’s lesson was posted to the classroom yesterday. If you don’t know, get your shit together and come on.

This month Ali’s challenged class participants to commit to doing one thing every day for the month of February; a little nudge in the direction of your word, to help it stay visible in your life. At first I thought about passing this “assignment” over since I personally don’t need help with keeping my word visible, and because I wasn’t really sure how to “do” this “assignment” without making it something super literal and unrealistic like “lift literally everyday” or something. But then I remembered the whole reason I decided to really participate in OLW this year was to take some damn time for my damn self and do what I want, even when “taking time for myself” and “doing what I want” includes other people in the equation – because I want them to be there and to spend time with them, not because I feel like they have to be there or like I have to spend time with them.

So, my one thing to practice this month? Reading with my kids. More specifically, letting Emma read one book to me and me reading one story to Madden every night before bed.

This is something that used to happen every night, but in the last few months (year?) I’ve really let bedtime reading with the kids take a nosedive because I really hate bedtime. I mean, I love it because once they’re down there’s finally peace and quiet, but I hate it because it’s such a struggle and takes for-fucking-ever to make happen. I pass it off every chance I get. But routine is key with kids, and reading is cool, so this month I’m aiming to read with them every single night before bed – except for maybe the nights they spend with their dad, although if there’s time to FaceTime before he puts them down I’ll totally read with them that way.

We’re only one full day into February, but so far so good. Yesterday was a shit show and I reeeaaalllllllly didn’t want to read with the kids last night – I just wanted them to go to bed so I could go to bed – but I sucked it up and made it happen, even though I was screaming a little bit on the inside the entire time. Emma’s such a good reader and with all the issues we’ve had with her and kindergarten so far, the last thing I need is for her to start disliking another aspect of school, especially one that she thoroughly loves. And boys aren’t encouraged to be bookworms basically at all (at least in this country), so the fact that Madden shows a huge interest in books is one I need to pay attention to and a habit I should 1,000% be helping him cultivate. So reading together every night it is.

What’s YOUR February practice?

Project Life 2016: Week 3

Week 3 will forever be known as the week David Bowie died. Or, rather, and more accurately, the week during which we learned that David Bowie died. WHAT. THE. FUCK.

Project Life 2016: Week 3 by Kelsey McEvoy //

Week 3 also saw the first snowfall of the season, on Sunday morning. It was nothing, and there was no accumulation, but the two littlest kids were SO. EXCITED. They ran outside in their pjs, and I followed with my camera.

Project Life 2016: Week 3 by Kelsey McEvoy //

Loving Ali Edwards’ “Heart” Digital Story Kit™ elements so much.

Project Life 2016: Week 3 by Kelsey McEvoy //

We took the kids to the indoor pool over the weekend. Briseis went off the diving board…more than once. I was shocked, because she’s usually a very cautious kid, but it was so great to see her break out of her comfort zone, and be comfortable doing so.

Project Life 2016: Week 3 by Kelsey McEvoy //

They were teeny tiny, but Wegmans had artichokes in stock. Bet your ass we bought a bunch (more than photo’d here). And bet your ass we ate them all that same night in a single sitting.

Project Life 2016: Week 3 by Kelsey McEvoy //

Sunday  was sunny but cold. The kids were bored. So to pass time they spent the vast majority of the morning jumping/hanging out on our bed. Madden decided to wear his Superman towel over his clothes. Whatever, right?

Project Life 2016: Week 3 by Kelsey McEvoy //

That flip-up card has a patterned 3×4 card from Ali’s “Heart” Digital Story Kit™ on top. The card you see when you flip the pocket up is way old, from Studio Calico. The photo is of Bri her new favorite “rodeo” outfit, complete with braids she braided herself. The journaling talks about how much of 10-year-old Kelsey I see in 10-year-old Briseis – the clothes, the hair and the Punky Brewster comparisons.

Also: NEW LIBRARY BOOKS! Annnnd that’s all! Here’s a look at the whole shebang (all or nothing, everything…) (ONE BILLION cool points to whoever knows where/what that reference is from/to, WITHOUT GOOGLING, and can finish the lyric and tell me how it relates to this week’s spread (which is totally obvious if you know the lyric)!!):

Project Life 2016: Week 3 by Kelsey McEvoy //

“Week of” title card: Adapted from Paislee Press “Pictures + Words No. 9”
Paislee Press “Pictures + Words No. 9” templates
One Little Bird “Stargazer” journaling card
Ali Edwards “Heart” Digital Story Kit™ journaling cards and embellishments
Filler card from Studio Calico documenter kit
Random shit from my stash