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If you know me in real life the only way you don’t know about my obsession with CrossFit is if you’re deaf. Or maybe blind. Because it’s pretty impossible to miss, especially to people outside of the box. I eat, sleep, and breathe it, and I’m not even a pro at it. Far from it, actually. But I like to think that one day I’ll get there. Or like, close-ish to there. I’m still a newbie to this game, but I’ve been living CrossFit for almost exactly 5 months now — a little less if you don’t include the two weeks I unintentionally had to take off last month — and the drive to compete that I had the first time I walked into the box is still there. Especially after the goddamn amazingness that I witnessed a few days ago, which left me feeling like this:

mind blown

Over this past weekend, CrossFit Regionals for the Mid Atlantic Region were held about 45 minutes from my house. I spent Friday and Saturday hovered around my computer watching live footage, refreshing the Leaderboard stats, stalking the CrossFit Woodbridge Facebook page and Twitter account, and whining about how unfair it was that I was stuck at home and being forced to hang out with my family instead of cheering on my fellow athletes in Landover. So Sunday morning I snuck out of the house before all the kids woke up and spent the day watching CrossFit Woodbridge’s rookie team take 5th place overall for the region, blowing all the other rookie teams, and a crap ton of experienced teams, out of the water.

CFW team

Those six athletes in the photo above (+ Coach Lloyd in the red) are nothing short of impressive and inspiring, and I’m beyond proud to be part of a box that has such a strong community full of dedicated, passionate, driven athletes (watch an amazing video of the team prepping for Regionals). The first words out of my mouth when I walked into CrossFit Woodbridge back in January were, “I want to compete.” “Well, let’s worry about you learning the fundamentals first,” I was told. “Yeahyeahyeah. But after that. After that, I want to compete.”

I like to think that in the 5-ish months since then I’ve come a long way. Yes, I know I still have a lot of work to get to the point I want to be at, but every time I WOD I see just a little more progress than I did the day before. Every day I’m able to push a little harder, lift a little heavier, and dig a little deeper. And every time I reach a milestone or surpass an expectation or shatter an old PR, it’s one of the best feelings in the world. Like when I strung together my first few double-unders (I haven’t progressed much since then); or nailed my first kipping pull-up; or added 30 pounds and 2 reps to my deadlift in a matter of weeks; or kicked Helen’s ass the first time I met her. Or like last Wednesday, when I nailed handstand pushups…and then knocked out 50 of them — RX — for the WOD. Sure, it took me like, 12 minutes to knock ’em out. But I got them.

For the last few weeks, as the intensity around the box increased in preparation for Regionals, I’ve been more serious about going after my goals of competing; I’ve been studying the Leaderboard before and after every WOD, reflecting on my own strengths and weaknesses, and setting goals to get my name up there; I’ve been vocal about putting together a CAL team to compete this summer season (any takers?!); and I’ve been showing up a little earlier and staying a little later after my WODs and working on fundamental movements. I’m not able to spend as much time in the box as I’d like (goddamn kids, always being so needy with my time), but lately I’ve been committing any extra few minutes I might have to spending time in the box. Because in order to compete I need to get better. And getting better isn’t going to happen all by itself.

A big CONGRATULATIONS and THANK YOU to CrossFit Woodbridge’s first-ever Regionals team; for their phenomenal performance at Regionals, and for showing me firsthand that my goal to compete is worth chasing.

Check out CFW’s Facebook page for more photos of some badass athlethes.
Team photo courtesy CrossFit Woodbridge; gif sourced from Tumblr.

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